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25: Dissecting African time
In my efforts to disentangle myself from the manufactured speed of the digital age, I’ve been giving more thought to what we can learn from African concepts of time. In the Capitalist plutocracies that dominate the West, time is largely conceptualised by virtue of value extraction. Time feels short
31: Your best Inauthentic Self
Authenticity, diversity, and what leaders and liars have in common. Sometimes authenticity pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t. What matters most is showing up and giving your best. The first place many of us begin seriously evaluating the merits of authenticity is our first day of adult work. During…
42: How to fail exquisitely
The fine art of failure, and how to make it useful Failure porn is everywhere. In a world of fortune cookie philosophers and Twitter entrepreneurs, rags (Harvard sweatshirt) to riches stories are in vogue. Founders want to share their story of raising a few million bucks. Everyone else wants the

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