Career Hyperdrive ⏱

Everything I write about filters into this live course in some form. It's not a standard 'career course'. We focus on frameworks, systems, and strategy rather than tactics. It's really about levelling up your life. Every time I run it, I improve it. Only join if you're looking to:

  • Accelerate your growth
  • Build a career you can be proud of
  • Find a competitive advantage
  • Make friends

Career Hyperdrive

In this course, you'll build a career moat: A toolkit of mental models and future-proof core skills that will become a permanent competitive advantage for your career, business or personal brand.

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Life Wheel ☸

This tool completely changed my approach to finding life balance and helped me knock goals out of the park faster than I ever thought possible. I use it monthly/quarterly and try to improve it yearly.

Life Wheel - Notion template

Take control of your life trajectory and continually hone the balance between the areas of your life you care most about. This tool helps you chart your progress in various areas of your life both as a visual wheel and with progression bars.

Balance my life!

Wellbeing Tracker ☯

This tool helped me navigate some of the hardest periods in my life, and notice when things were starting to slip before the effects were noticeable.

Wellbeing Tracker

Life is hard and when you're busy it's even harder to keep track of how you're doing in various areas of your life. I built a more basic version of this life inventory years ago when I was struggling with depression and a lot of people have asked me to share it over the years, so I've remade it to be more practical/universal. I hope you find it as useful as I have!

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Focus Mode ⚡

I'm a pretty prolific writer and despite all the fancy tools available, I prefer to do first drafts in Notion. I decided to make a dedicated writing space complete with pomodoro timers and relaxing music. If you need to get writing done in a flash, try this!

Focus Mode

Notion already has minimal frills but this template incorporates pomodoro timers and creative stimuli to get you on your way!

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Fitness Tracker ⌚

Every time I switch fitness apps I lose a bunch of data that's impossible to port. This tracker cuts back on complexity by pulling the key things into one space.

Fitness Tracker

An aesthetically pleasing exercise tracker that logs your training history, and automatically determines calories burned after performing activities like: walking, jogging, running, hiking, biking, stair climbing, boxing and sprinting.

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