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The full archive of my newsletter, covering psychology, philosophy, business and culture. Every post features a photo from my travels.

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David Elikwu

67: Not all that glitters πŸͺ©

In one morning I came across three stories that made me think twice about the β€˜metaverse’. It’s not some abstract future dystopiaβ€”it’s already here. Many of us already inhabit mini-metaverses full of personalised algorithms, and few of us are ready to take off the headset. The first...

David Elikwu

63: Nobody cares πŸ“΅

Sometimes you will be out in the field, pushing the limits of expectation, on the verge of changing the world, and not a single soul will care. The masses often sleepwalk through innovation. You can only make great things if you’re willing to be ignored and unafraid of going...

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