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David Elikwu

60: The Sum of our Parts 🧩

No one human knows how to make a pencil from scratch despite it seeming like a fundamentally basic thing - something every child can use. To construct something as simple as a pencil takes mining graphite, cutting wood, shaping metal, and figuring out whatever modern erasers are made out of....

David Elikwu

59: Greener Grass

The Sword of Damocles has become synonymous with imminent danger and the threat of sudden calamity - but that’s only half the story, and perhaps the wrong half to focus on. If you’ve never heard of Damocles before, you’re in for a treat! The story of Damocles...

David Elikwu

58: Schools for Africans

It took fifty miles of cycling and the best part of a thousand pounds to reach Senegal. I rode with school friends to raise the money. The proceeds would buy me passage across the Atlantic. The bike ride was from Cambridge to London—more miles than I’d ever pedalled...

David Elikwu

57: The Power of Impostors 👻

What the heck is an impostor anyway? Someone who is not supposed to be there. An impersonator. A copycat. A covert intelligence gatherer. Uninformed. Uninitiated. Uninvited. Maybe that’s you. It’s definitely me—but maybe there’s power in that. The ones who are different I am not supposed...

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