I'm David Elikwu

To be brutally honest, I'm just a nerd with some fountain pens who hasn't stopped writing since he was five.

  • I'm doing my best to make sense of the world around me.
  • I'm a prolific learner - absorbing knowledge is my superpower.
  • I started sharing everything I learned online and a few thousand people signed up to come along for the ride.
  • This is the place where I share everything you'll need to know about learning more and living better.
  • 'The Knowledge' is named after one of the hardest exams in the world - an infamously gruelling test for taxi drivers in London. London 'cabbies' study the Knowledge to memorise the 25,000 roads, alleys, nooks and crannies spread across a sprawling city. Likewise, this platform maps data points for navigating the world around us. I'm building a cognitive compass. A place you go to figure things out.
  • In addition to my newsletter and podcast, I run a course helping people like you build kick-ass careers, and coach driven operators!
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My career journey

As a more professional introduction, I started my career early, working on marketing campaigns for companies like Amazon, Krispy Kreme, and Credit Suisse.

I interned at Google, moved to Shanghai, came back when I ran out of money and nabbed a grad job in consulting. I hadn't graduated but I brought on four Tier-1 clients in 6 months before being offered my 'dream job' working on billion dollar deals in Corporate Law.

It took half a decade to realise I had bigger dreams. At some point I'd picked up photography as a hobby, was shooting New York and London fashion weeks within two years, and turned the side gig into a brand strategy consulting practice.

After consulting for a bunch of startups I pivoted to technology full-time, joining a startup as Chief of Staff and then transitioning to Product Strategy and Operations.

I built a few businesses along the way including a travel club for 2000+ millennial travellers, and a social impact brand supporting global artisanship through African coffee and biodynamic wine.

That's the boring stuff out of the way! If you want brutally honest accounts of my early career experiences, go here and here.

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64: Constraints and consistency 🎲
Innovation comes from constraints and knowing when to ignore them. You don’t need to be taught to create once you know some words and shapes. Thisis partly because they’re complementary cognitive artefacts[https://www.theknowledge.io/issue41/]. Once you learn the basic rules you open up a
62: The hard thing about hard work ⚒️
Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite authors. If he writes something I’m going to eat it up. But not immediately. Because Brandon likes to write big beefy books that could double as self-defence weapons or stools for small cats. He writes a LOT. He recently surprised his entire
43: Searching for easy answers
Pattern-matching and robust thinking are more important than tactics and abstraction Hey friends - I have a few announcements before digging into this week’s letter. First, welcome to all the new subscribers. I hope you find this newsletter useful. Please feel free to get involved, share recommendat…

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