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David Elikwu

Make more things

Rick Rubin is a music producer who has made a name for himself by working with some of the biggest names in the industry. From Johnny Cash to Adele to Kendrick Lamar, Rubin has proven time and time again that he knows how to bring out the best in an...

David Elikwu

Cancer research and infinite monkeys

As humans, we're constantly trying to optimise for success and make the most of our time. But have you ever stopped to consider the role that time itself plays in our actions and decisions? I’d propose two types of time to consider: 1. Finite time, which is...

The Knowledge

🎙️ Race, Climate, and Health Inequities with Layal Liverpool

David speaks with Layal Liverpool, an author and science journalist with expertise in biomedical science, particularly virology and immunology. She worked as a biomedical researcher at University College London and the University of Oxford in the UK. Her writing has appeared in Nature, New Scientist, WIRED, the Guardian, and elsewhere,...

David Elikwu

Why we copy

Ever notice how you slowly start talking and acting more like the people you spend the most time with? This phenomenon, known as "behavioural contagion,” can shape our actions and habits in powerful ways. But why do we feel the urge to copy others? One theory is the chameleon...

David Elikwu

The sweet dream behind NyQuil

I hate being sick. When you're feeling under the weather, the last thing you want is to be kept awake by a hacking cough or a stuffy nose. That's when you might reach for a product called Night Nurse, otherwise known as NyQuil. This over-the-counter medication...

David Elikwu

The journey is the reward

As an astronaut, Chris Hadfield knows firsthand that the journey to space is a long and unpredictable one. But most of an astronaut's journey isn't spent among the stars. During his twenty-one year career as an astronaut, Hadfield spent just six months in space. Fortunately, according...

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