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🎙️Leading with Purpose with Ryan Hawk

David speaks with Ryan Hawk, the host of “The Learning Leader Show,” renowned as one of the most dynamic leadership podcasts available. Ryan is also the author of several highly acclaimed books on management, leadership, and excellence, including “Welcome to Management,” which Forbes hailed as one of the best leadership...

The Knowledge

🎙️Wealth, Investing, and Personal Finance with Rob Dix

David speaks with Rob Dix, a co-founder of Property Hub. Rob is a co-host of The Property Podcast, which is one of the biggest business podcasts in the UK, and the author of 3 popular books about property and investing including The Price of Money which was a Sunday Times...

The Knowledge

🎙️ Neuroscience, Writing, and Mindful Productivity with Anne-Laure Le Cunff

David speaks with Anne-Laure Le Cunff, a neuroscientist, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Ness Labs, which provides content, coaching, courses and community to help makers put their minds at work. They talked about: 📒 The importance of journaling ✍️ Developing as a writer 👩‍💻 Anne-Laure's journey from Google to Ness...

The Knowledge

🎙️The Art of Storytelling with Lawrence Yeo

David speaks with Lawrence Yeo, a writer, illustrator, storyteller, and the creator of “More To That”, an illustrated long-form blog read by tens of thousands of people. They talked about: 📖 How stories influence thinking 🔍 The value of exploring different genres 🕰️ How history changes beliefs. 🌍 How broad taste can influence creativity...

David Elikwu

The secret to intelligence

Most people think intelligence is about knowing and saying fancy words (jargon). They accumulate abstractions and discuss them, thinking it's smart. Intelligence is mostly the opposite; it's a factor of your ability to construct and deconstruct abstractions. Acquisition speed is definitely a factor in intelligence, but...

The Knowledge

🎙️The Pursuit of Excellence with Ryan Hawk

David speaks with Ryan Hawk, who’s the host of "The Learning Leader Show," labeled as the most dynamic leadership podcast around, and author of some very popular books about management, leadership and excellence. And including Welcome to Management, which Forbes called one of the best leadership books...

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