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🎙️Creativity, Conditioning and Athletic Development with Jamie Smith

David speaks with James Smith, founder and Head Sports Preparation coach of The U of Strength. They talked about: 🔄 Translating skills across different sports 🤹 The importance of play in sports training 🏆 Working with UCONN's championship team 🌟 How players mature at different times in their careers 🏈 How good coaching...

David Elikwu

🧭Decision Fatigue: The Silent Thief of Willpower (Wayfinder #14)

Welcome back to Wayfinder, your fortnightly compass for navigating life’s toughest decisions. Today, we’ll explore a phenomenon that stealthily compromises our ability to make sound judgements: decision fatigue. In Homer's epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus faces a multitude of decisions on his journey back to Ithaca. Perhaps...

The Knowledge

🎙️AI, Careers, and Risk Management with Taylor Pearson

David speaks with Taylor Pearson, an entrepreneur and author of The End of Jobs. They talked about: 🤖 How AI will impact career choices 🚀 The future of work 🛠️ AI in automating jobs 🎓 How AI might affect career choice heuristics 🔄 The concept of Ergodicity 💼 Tail risks in investing 🚌 The Helsinki Bus Station...

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