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🎙️The Economics of Elites with Garett Jones

David speaks with Garett Jones, an Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and the author of 3 books: Hive Mind, 10% Less Democracy, and The Culture Transplant. They talked about: 📉 Good economic policies that people still hate 👥 The power balance between the public and the elites, and why...

The Knowledge

🎙️The Career of a Practical Creator with Lawrence Yeo

David speaks with Lawrence Yeo, a writer, illustrator, storyteller, and the creator of “More To That”, an illustrated long-form blog read by tens of thousands of people. They talked about: 🎨 Balancing practical work with creativity 💡 Cultivating and pursuing passion 🚫 Avoiding mimetic desires 📝 Writing good stories 🔍 How to discover new ideas...

The Knowledge

🎙️Creativity, Conditioning and Athletic Development with Jamie Smith

David speaks with James Smith, founder and Head Sports Preparation coach of The U of Strength. They talked about: 🔄 Translating skills across different sports 🤹 The importance of play in sports training 🏆 Working with UCONN's championship team 🌟 How players mature at different times in their careers 🏈 How good coaching...

The Knowledge

🎙️Contrarian Ideas, Reading, and Publishing with Eric Jorgensen

David speaks with Eric Jorgenson, the CEO of Scribe Media. He also has a rolling fund investing in pre-seed and seed-stage tech companies, and is the author of two books: The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness; and The Anthology of Balaji. They talked about: 🔬 Truth...

The Knowledge

🎙️Building World-Class Athletes with Jamie Smith

David speaks with Jamie Smith, founder and Head Sports Preparation coach of The U of Strength. They talked about: 🌦️ Impact of Climate on Sports Performance 🌍 Environment’s effects on athlete development 🤸 Effects of early sports specialisation 🤕 Dealing with injuries and burnout in sports 🏀 Coaching and mindset in sports 🧠 How the...

The Knowledge

🎙️ Skill stacks and career evolution with Taylor Pearson

David speaks with Taylor Pearson, an entrepreneur and author of The End of Jobs. They talked about: 🚀 Deciding not to pursue law ⚠️ The trap of traditional career paths 🤐 The silent risk of staying in a job too long 📊 The concept of a personal balance sheet 🌍 Experiencing different cultures 🌱 How living...

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