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🎙️ Know When to Pivot with Rob Fitzpatrick

David speaks with Rob Fitzpatrick, author of three books, including The Mom Test and Write Useful Books, both of which are among the most universally recommended books for early entrepreneurs and non-fiction writers. His books are used in universities such as Harvard, MIT, and UCL, and are also manuals for...

The Knowledge

🎙️ Curiosity, Creativity, and Careers with Buster Benson

David speaks with Buster Benson, an entrepreneur and former product leader at Amazon, Twitter, Slack, and Patreon. He writes for Medium and busterbenson.com and is currently the CEO of 750words.com. He is the author of ‘Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement.’ They talked about: 🌱 Having...

The Knowledge

🎙️The Path to Authentic Writing with Anne-Laure Le Cunff

David speaks with Anne-Laure Le Cunff, a neuroscientist, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Ness Labs, which provides content, coaching, courses and community to help makers put their minds at work. They talked about: 🌟 Choosing authenticity over Mimetic desires 🎨 Embracing individuality ⚖️ Work-life balance as an entrepreneur 💪 Overcoming self-consciousness ⏳ Mindful productivity...

The Knowledge

🎙️The Power of Pivoting with Jenny Blake

David speaks with Jenny Blake, an international keynote speaker and author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, winner of the Axiom Best Business Books award in the careers category. She hosts two podcasts with over one million downloads combined: Free Time for heart-based business owners,...

The Knowledge

🎙️Leading with Purpose with Ryan Hawk

David speaks with Ryan Hawk, the host of “The Learning Leader Show,” renowned as one of the most dynamic leadership podcasts available. Ryan is also the author of several highly acclaimed books on management, leadership, and excellence, including “Welcome to Management,” which Forbes hailed as one of the best leadership...

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