You’ve heard of a sword being an extension of a warrior’s arm. But have you ever considered a pen to be an extension of your mind? Let me explain.

Our minds are magical machines, but they have their limitations. So we pick up cognitive artefacts - tools that can amplify our mental prowess. But when you pick the right artefacts they become more than simple tools - they become bridges to sharper thinking, and a force multiplier for your mind.

Learn to navigate

Take, for instance, the ancient mariner navigating the seas.

Relying on his senses alone, he might get lost, but with a map (a cognitive artefact), he can plot a course. When he detaches from the map, the accumulated knowledge remains, making him a better navigator.

These artefacts, like the map, are complementary. They don’t just assist our tasks; they elevate our understanding.

In stark contrast, think of a modern person relying on a GPS. If it fails, they’re often left clueless. This tool, though incredibly useful, can be categorised as a competitive artefact. It competes with our innate abilities, sometimes overshadowing them.

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