Have you ever thought about how expensive your failures are? Not just in financial terms, but in time, energy, and morale.

What if, instead of dreading these setbacks, you could turn them into your greatest assets?

In Ancient Rome, there was a saying, “Errare humanum est” – to err is human.

Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone makes good mistakes. And even fewer people make world-class mistakes—mistakes that can change the world.

Mistakes are only useful when they break new ground - when you (and others) learn something from them that becomes actionable knowledge.

No failure is pretty at the time. Innovating is an ugly business.

The first key to a beautiful failure is surviving. It takes grit and resilience to take a pounding and get back up, ready to fight again.

Staying on the ground makes defeat certain. Staying on your feet gives you ​a shot at changing the narrative​.

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