As a correspondent on The Daily Show, Hasan Minhaj honed his comedic voice and developed a unique brand of political satire.

While many aspiring comedians might focus on honing their jokes and perfecting their punchlines, Minhaj credits a different aspect of comedy as being crucial to his success: the "take".

It was a key piece of wisdom passed down by the legendary Daily Show host John Stewart.

The take is a unique perspective or point of view that a comedian brings to their material.

Transcendent comedy isn’t just about the punchline. It’s about being honest and bringing your own perspective to the table.

By doing so, you can create connections and analogies that add depth and complexity to your material, ultimately leading to more engaging and thought-provoking jokes.

Presenting ideas clearly isn’t just about zingers and fancy packaging.

Authentic communication comes from a place of honesty.

Don’t just regurgitate the same old jokes. Find your take.

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