Career Hyperdrive is a live 3-week course that will help you discover your competitive advantage, become a master problem-solver, and take control of your career trajectory.

During this course, you will make the leap from 'going with the flow' to actively crafting your journey. And you’ll join a community of ambitious peers who will hold you accountable for betting on yourself.

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Starting 10 October

What you'll learn

I keep no secrets - I'm constantly updating and improving this course and it improves every time I run it. Below is the current set of concepts I teach.

The course is workshop and exercise based rather than a series of long boring lectures because I'm not here to stroke my ego - I'm here to help you grow.

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Discover a playbook of mental models that will unlock challenges and tough decisions.

Develop the internal alignment you need to design a career you can be proud of.

Build your 'career moat' and a future-proof competitive advantage.