You are VERY good at forming habits.

I know this because you probably have ‘bad’ ones, and you return to them on-demand like a well-oiled machine.

So the issue isn’t that you can’t keep up a good habit, it’s that you’ve become GREAT at keeping up bad ones.

The issue people have with challenging any status quo is the assumption that the status quo is static.

It’s not. The natural state of anything is atrophy.

The status quo requires positive inertia to maintain.

What kind of actions do we naturally repeat?

The ones that reward us.

That’s why people get addicted to food and snacks, drugs, and porn. Anything that sets off a buzz in your head.

These things don’t happen automatically; they just feel automatic because you keep doing them.

So you don’t have bad habits because that’s your default. You have them because you keep reinforcing them.

If you want your behaviour to change, you need to decide to change it.

Then, remove environmental triggers and cues.

Mentally attach a reward to doing the good thing and focus on that instead.

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