You have one decision to make today

You take it for granted because you do it every day. It doesn’t change your life because you take it for granted.

The ability to make high-quality decisions is the greatest superpower you can harness without being struck by lightning.

Every time you make a decision you plunge a knife into the soul of the universe and cut yourself off from a dozen future paths. All the possible future versions of you that did that other thing and lived with the consequences. But this act is only as powerful as your intentions. The more decisively you cut, the more powerful your decisions will seem.

If you think decision-making is mundane, your life will be mundane.

Decision-making is the kind of superpower that lies dormant until you’re worthy. Until you’re ready to take it seriously. Until you realise you can use it to time travel, lift heavy objects, and bend reality around you.

Your decisions can help you master the multiverse or goof off in Groundhog Day, squandering each precious breath because you’ve surrendered your agency to time, chance and inertia.

This is the only life you will ever have. Will you become the architect of your destiny or potter about wondering if you were capable of more?

You have one decision to make today. How decisively will you cut?

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