Slavery in the United States was abolished in 1865. Unfortunately, "abolished” doesn’t mean it ended.

You may be familiar with the Jim Crow laws that kept the spirit of injustice alive in the South well into the 20th century.

But you might be surprised to learn that there were slaves in the deep South as late as 1963. How? Often through information control.

Many slaves couldn’t read or freely access information. As a result, some families on remote plantations were completely unaware that slavery had been abolished, or they didn’t grasp what changes in the law meant for them.

They returned to work day after day. And their children grew up with this same distorted perspective, being taught that this was simply the way the world was.

The flow of information has frequently led to bottlenecks of concentrated power.

The information you consume shapes the way you see the world, and how you see yourself within it.

Your values, beliefs, and knowledge are all a factor of the quality of information you’ve encountered and digested.

How’s your information diet right now? Is it fueling your ambition or robbing you of your agency?

People say you’re the sum of the five friends you spend the most time with.

I think you’re also the sum of the five ideas you spend the most time interacting with.

Gather better data points. Build a better compass.

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