People never believe me when I say getting up early is the closest thing to having superpowers.

Especially if:

  • You have anxiety
  • You're not great at managing time
  • You have a lot on your plate

Here are a few benefits:

A quick point - I'm very aware that people have different chronotypes.

Waking up early will not be natural for everyone.

Humans evolved so that different people would be most alert at different hours so we could watch over each other while we slept ๐Ÿ˜ด.


We live in a different world now. Most of us work jobs with regular hours, and nobody asks for your chronotype when you sign your contract.

So if you need to start work in the morning, waking up earlier is one way you can make time work for you, and be energised instead of tired

When I said waking up early is like a superpower, I meant it! It starts in your brain:

You'll find it easier to concentrate, be alert and will be full of energy during the day.

Studies show that 'morning people' get better grades, are more proactive, and solve problems better.

Waking up earlier can also improve your sleep quality.

Most people are groggy when they wake up because their alarm interrupts their circadian rhythm. If you wake up earlier, you'll fall asleep earlier, and your body will be able to regulate better.

You can FINALLY get more exercise.

The benefits of exercise are profound. Even a short walk can improve blood circulation and help brain cells form stronger bonds.

To learn more about the power of 'complementary cognitive artifacts' check this post out:

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Most importantly, extra time in the morning is YOUR leisure time.

You'll be free from distractions. You can get a head start on anything which might stress you out later, run basic errands, or do whatever will make you calm and happy before the day's activities.

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