All the masters of the universe.

The tech gods. Kingmakers. Master capitalists. Breakout founders. Productivity gurus.

Everyone who seems to have found extraordinary financial success.

What they usually have in common is they're divorced.

Maybe you can't have it all? Maybe your priorities change?

I actually don't have a concrete answer.

But it seems pretty consistent that the happiest and most fulfilled people are the people who choose not to optimise for success over everything else.

The people who draw a line in the sand and say this is what I'm happy with. They draw a box around their lives and learn to find happiness within it instead of looking outside to chase it.

It's as though the people who shoot for the moon are like rockets who burn through the fuel of their boosters and then discard them once depleted, at each stage in their climb towards the upper atmosphere.

The payload may reach the heavens triumphant but every supporting piece hurtles towards the ground, spent and burnt out.

And it's a shame because I'm hyper-competitive and want to believe it's possible to have everything. The amassing data seems to be proving otherwise.

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