Twitter, Reddit, Facebook - choose your poison. Each is a window into an epidemic of untouched grass.

Every day people fill their minds with opinions, assumptions, and hypothetical situations that are completely divorced from the outside world.

You’re locked in a mini-metaverse, constrained by the ideas you consume.

This applies to culture wars, salary conversations, dating, and any other 'topic of the day'.

There are a lot of opinions that are 100% real, but only on Twitter.

As soon as you speak to someone who isn’t hyper-online (aka touching grass) you realise how fringe these ideas are.

How to stay grounded

Remember the movie Inception, where Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team construct dream worlds so detailed that they start losing grip on what's real?

To avoid getting trapped, they use special "totems" like Cobb's spinning top to check whether they're still dreaming or safely back to reality.

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