Once you know that you can solve some problems, you can think of what other problems you might turn your hand to. You can dream of solving bigger problems. More complex ones. More painful ones.

Some of those problems may require more knowledge than you currently have. That's okay. Just remember that the goal isn't to get some arbitrary qualification. The goal is to obtain the knowledge you need to solve a particular problem. Just enough to add value and provide answers. As long as you can do that, you'll get paid.

Sometimes you'll find that that, despite common beliefs, you can amass enough knowledge to solve particular problems without a pricey associated degree, and also without first devoting years to a craft. You may find ways to leverage skills you already have, from problems you've already solved, and find new, creative answers.

Suddenly your unique lens is extremely valuable - you can solve problems in a way others can't.

Now, you are adding unique value and can solve expensive problems. And you'll be compensated well for it.

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