Not enough people spend time thinking critically about their careers.

You need a game plan.

If you want to grow fast and be in control of your trajectory, here are some mental models for you:

1. You Need to Figure Out What You Want and Where You’re Headed

⚠️ Things to beware of:

  • Mimesis
  • Optionality
  • Lack of clarity

Don’t look for a map (something to tell you where to go).

Develop a compass instead to head towards your North Star.

2. You Need to Realise Something Critical

Nobody gives a damn about paying you ‘your worth’.

People only part with money to solve the pain.

We buy food to fix the pain of hunger. We hire marketers to fix the pain of poor growth.

Find a problem people will pay you WELL to solve.

3. You’re Not the Only Problem Solver Out There!

You need to differentiate yourself. Build a personal moat - a competitive advantage.

You have two options:
  • Become excellent at one thing
  • Become great at the intersection of two things
One more thing - to be great at solving problems you need to:
  • Learn to recognise and navigate around cognitive biases
  • Learn to make consistently great decisions, regardless of the outcome (i.e. don't give in to resulting)

Develop a framework for evaluating problems and dissecting your own decisions.

You’ll learn 10x faster

I wrote a little more on this in an ebook I’m giving away for free.

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