Having a lot on your plate is hard but you can make it effortless with small hacks.

Not long ago I STRUGGLED to write 1  newsletter each week.

Now I write 3, and still:

  • Work full time
  • Consult for startups
  • Run a podcast
  • Create digital products

3 things make this easy:

The FIRST and possibly most important thing.

I wake up early

I can't emphasise enough how much of a superpower it is to give yourself extra hours in a day.

As long as I get to bed on time I can get 4hrs of unrestricted time each morning. It's magic!

The SECOND thing.

Effective delegation

If you have teammates, learn to delegate more effectively. Create room to focus on the highest-leverage tasks.

If you work alone, delegate to your future self through efficient task management.

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The THIRD thing.

Create systems

A paradigm I'll steal from @tferris is asking 'what would this look like if it was easy?'

Create scalable systems in advance to avoid becoming the bottleneck. Your time and mental acuity are fixed resources.

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